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Billy G-force Gallagher quick bio:
   William Gallagher as known as G-force began playing at the age of 17.  He accompanied his father and their friends at the local bar in Southern New Jersey, USA.

 At the age of 29, this mastered player is ranked top 2 in APA amongst male 8 Ball pool players in USA.  He is now developing to become a national APA champion in both 8 Ball and 9 Ball.

  This National APA Champion Runner-up player is balancing between his job as a police sargeant and as a Professional pool player.   

  Billy has made increasing progress year after year and ranked in APA Top Nationals for 4 years.   Billy also joins leagues of various disciplines including Straight Pool League, 8 Ball, and 9 Ball Leagues.  He outstanding undiscovered talent also wins at least 1 Mezz Pro-Am Tour in the NYC tri-state region at least once a year.

  He decides to join hands with The Tornado Club and officially becomes a Tornado Club Player.  He hopes to work with Mason Tornado as a Tornado Club Player to gain international fan base and further his game.  Ed Abraham is now ranked Top 5 in APA Men 8 Ball and is now known as G-Force.    

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